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Using Level Gauges for Waste Water Management

No form of life on Earth, can exist without water. Even human body is made up of sixty-five percent of water. Will human race exist then without water? The clear answer is no! This fact clearly reinforces the need of waste water management, as established in the previous article.

N.P.Khatan, the Managing Director of Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd says, “Rising population of the world, rising requirement of food, needs more water. Freshwater is becoming scarce. Waste water must be treated and recycled to avoid impending catastrophe.”Such thoughts of the management itself serve as an inspiration to the company for indulging in activities of waste water management.

All waste water treatment processes require level monitoring and control. Level instruments are installed in almost all parts of water treatment and effluent treatment plants. Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd, the leading manufacturer and supplier of level instruments provides specialized level gauges for waste water management. These “Techtrol” level instruments are specifically designed for this particular application, and hence increase the efficiency and reliability of the process.

Pune Techtrol’s has a wide range of level gauges useful for in the application of waste water management. It includes Tabular level gauge (TTG), Reflex flat glass gauge (RFG), Magnetic level gauge (MLG), Float and dial gauge (FDG), Float and board gauge (FBG), among many others.

Tubular Level Gauge (TTG) and Reflex Flat Glass Gauge (RFG) are glass gauges used to indicate liquid levels of chemical tanks & other storage /process tanks. Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG) is used to indicate levels of storage tanks of acid & alkali. It can also be improvised with alarm switches and transmitter for remote indication and control. Float and Dial Gauge (FDG) is useful for indication of liquid level in under-ground tanks. It is particularly suitable for applications involving limited head-space above the tank. It can also be improvised with alarm switches and transmitter for remote indication and control. Float & Board Gauge (FBG) is the simplest but very reliable instrument used for indication of liquid level in large storage tanks of effluent / treated water. It can also be improvised with alarm switches.

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