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Techtrol Gauging System for Indian Navy & Coast Guards

The entire array of operations in which a country's naval forces may be concerned is enormous, ranging from intense war fighting to charitable and calamity assistance operations. This broad range of operations can be divided into separate roles, each demanding a precise approach to the behavior of operations.

The equipment used by them for various points also range from highly intensive to moderate, from complex to easy and unique.

Indian Navy & Coast Guards make use of fuel barges, which are self-propelled & proficient of replenishing various fuel oils to offshore patrol vessels in harbor, at anchorage and diverse fuel depots at remote locations.

The level gauges, switches and transmitters used by Indian Navy are highly modified and meticulous. The gauging system had to be optimized for monitoring number of fuel tanks and fresh water tanks on their barges.

Techtrol created and delivered tank gauging system for their fuel barges with unique salient features along with IRS certification. We designed and produced gauging system in line with their stringent specifications, which consisted of personalized hydrostatic transmitters to be installed on designated tanks along with centralized HMI panel to be positioned in wheel house and two remote HMI panels at main deck and pump house. The transmitters for fuel tanks were provided with zener barriers for intrinsic safety.

The liquid levels were displayed in digital format by HMI panel, in animated format along with volumes & weight of the tank contents.

The HMI panel in pump house, being a hazardous area was fitted with an ex-proof panel.

Tank gauging system is utilized for measurement of liquids in bulk storage tanks with an objective of quantifying how much product is in the tank. These days oil and gas industry use the strategy of static measurement of the contents present in the tank to report for product stored and moved out of the gauging tank.

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