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Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge - MLG

Glandless gauge with magnetic coupling for visual level indication of Oils, Chemical, Water Tanks on ships bulk carriers, Tugboats, Petrol Vessels & Ferry ships. It is provided with self closing valvesto ensure zero leakage and isolate the tank contents. Liquid level can be observed by opening the valve manually.

Specifications :

Range : 300 to 5000 mm

Wtd Parts : SS304/316

Indication : Bicolored Flappers

Max. Temp : 250ºC

Max. Pressure : 13 Kg/cm2

Liquid Density : ≥0.8 g/cm3

Isolation Valves : Spring Loaded or Weighted Valve

Options : Alarm Switches

Applications :

Diesel, Lub, Heavy Fuel Oil, Chemical Tanks on Ships Bulk Carriers, Tugboats, Petrol Vessels & Ferry Ships

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